I am obsessed with the book of John.   I’ve read it many times.  This time I am taking a slow walk through, real slow.  Unpacking it piece by piece, then repacking it into a little study I’ve titled Loved. I honestly cannot get enough of it. The character and love of Jesus is so big, so bright.  I’m overwhelmed.

I have a sweet gal over in Columbus Ohio making coloring graphics to go along with it.  They are lovely – she is lovely.  You can find her here Happy Flower Printables


loved art

I can’t wait to see the pages fill with color!

Not only am I reading John’s book but I am thinking about John and his relationship with Jesus.  He was called the disciple that Jesus loved.  John  walked and talked with Jesus, he even leaned on Jesus.

One of the disciples, the one Jesus loved dearly, was reclining against him, his head on his shoulder.  John 13:23 Msg

What I am learning about John:

  • He had a job and was a fisherman by trade
  • He first, was a disciple of John the Baptist.
  • He was willing to leave everything to follow Jesus
  • Jesus had a nick name for him and his brother, James – The Sons of Thunder.
  • Along with James and Peter, John was in Jesus’ inner circle.
  • John was not perfect and had moments when selfishness and anger ruled him
  • He experienced the love of Jesus first hand.
  • As He hung on the Cross, Jesus passed the care of His own mother to John.

What I am learning about Jesus:

  • He is the Light of men and the darkness cannot comprehend Him
  • He is the Word of God in the flesh
  • He is a miracle maker
  • He is calling disciples to Himself
  • He is patient
  • He is kind
  • He is filled with zeal for His Church
  • He is our friend
  • He loves
  • He sacrifices

I want these things, I want to lean on Jesus, my head on His shoulder.  I want to know Him more.  Do you?

Loved art 2

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