America Is Great – Because We Give

The truth is, we all need it from time to time, a wake up call.  I have to say that since my last post  When You Can’t Unknow  I’ve been wrecked.  I’ve been angry, crying and filled with desperation.

Something happened within me that night as I listened to Christine share about something as simple as sanitary kits for women. Something that every woman should have, the ability to keep herself clean.

It was if God slapped me in the face, it stung, it is still stinging and just won’t stop. I’m grouchy about it. I find myself in daily conversations with people and everything seems silly and small in comparison.

I honestly felt like there was no good thing I would ever have to say again, at least nothing that would make any kind of a difference.  I would sit down to write something and nothing would come.  Until tonight.

For whatever reason, the Lord wanted me to see poverty and the despair it brings in a new light.  In a real light.

  • We live in a world where some are cherished and some are thrown away like trash. 
  • Where some are fed and some are left starving. 
  • Where some have excellent medical care and others loose their eye from something as curable as pink eye.
  • Where some have indoor plumbing and others share a hole in the ground with hundreds of others.  
  • Where some women have any an all means to keep themselves clean and others bleed on a bale of hay.

I’m currently reading a book titled Find Me Unafraid.  Jessica Posner finds herself in the largest slum in Kenya, called Kibera, a slum of over one million people.    She shares a conversation that she had over a meager meal with a few young boys, they are five and six.

They begin to ask her questions about America and they want to know if it is true that dogs and cats get fed every day?  Is it also true that Americans take their dogs and cats to the doctor?

She tells them, “Yes these things are true.”  The five year old, says these words…“I wish I were a cat in America.”

I want you to pause here for a moment, dear friend, and I want you to let that slice your soul, as it did mine.

I don’t share this with you, to make you feel bad or sad.  I share this with you on a beautiful Sunday evening in America, where most of us us have enjoyed plates full of food all week.  We have swam and played in oceans, lakes and pools of clean water.  Our children have enjoyed fun, games and fireworks.  We have celebrated something coveted by the world, Freedom.

We are all busy, running this frantic race, trying to make our lives and our Nation great.  The truth is we are already great, yet we are never satisfied.  We want bigger, better, more.

In these past weeks I have come to know this…

 White American Flag Memorial Day Wishes Instagram Post

Never let anyone fool you into believing different.

I have been asking myself so many questions:

What can I do?

How can pray?

Can I really make any kind of a difference?

Today a man from my church sent me a book titled, Moving Mountains, by John Eldredge.  He said that he had bought ten copies and the Lord directed him as to who to give them to.  The Lord put my name on his list. Funny how God works, isn’t it?

I know this, the Mountain of Poverty is a mammoth mountain.  Far too big for me or for you, but together with God, is there a mountain too big?

I want to do more than read about what to do, I want to do.  I want to be a woman who is making a difference in the places where the need is desperate.  That place may look different for each of us, but God is big enough to show us where and what small thing we can do.

Let’s Begin to Ask God to Show Us How 

Will you pray for those who would find it a joy to be a cat in America? 

Will you ask God how you can give, and where you should give?

Will you welcome the opportunity to open your door to the poor, when everyone else is closing theirs?

Will you obey, even if it requires sacrifice?

Will you press on and not be deterred, even if it gets hard?  

Are we willing to push against this mountain, with God…until the job is finished?

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