Of Salt and Light

Of Salt and Light is Here!

Of Salt and Light is a poetry gift book for and about women. I simply began taking notes about the women around me, and these notes, became poems about my acquaintances, co-laborers, dear friends, and women whom I admired from afar.

Then something amazing happened, a thread appeared that wasn’t intended. Collectively all of these women became the virtuous wife that we find in Proverbs thirty-one. You will see in the introduction, that I have an ongoing issue with this Virtuous Wife, and I finally was able to see her for who she really is.

These salt of the earth women, who spend their lives worshiping and serving, with their hands, their minds, their hearts and their lives. Revealing the power and beauty found in the story of women.

This gift book comes with an envelope and for little more than the cost of a greeting card you can send this to a mother, sister, friend, aunt, niece or co-worker, to celebrate Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thinking of You or Just Because.

I am praying that this will be a gift of encouragement from one woman to another, a gift that can be passed down through generations of women.

I’m kicking things off tomorrow Wednesday, February 17th at 8:00 PM on Facebook Live. I’ll share some stories about the women behind the poems and read a few poems too. You can find the Facebook Live poetry reading here https://m.facebook.com/AScripturedHeart/

Here are purchase details!

To purchase the print book for $6.00, please send payments via Pay Pal to dewhite0206@gmail.com. Please include your U.S. mailing address.

See you tomorrow night!

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