The Cost

Some weeks it feels like I am crawling through the book of Matthew. My goal to write poems all the way through by the end of the year. I have found that slow is good.

Allowing God’s word to marinate in my heart and mind.

I love to imagine myself in the boat with Jesus and no matter what the wind and waves may do,what damage they may cause, with a word He stills them.

He stills me.



As I slowly read through Matthew Chapter 8 I look at the hopeful faith of the Leper, the Centurion, of Peter’s mother-in-law, of the many who waited to be healed. Who waited for a touch or a word from Jesus. May He find their faith in me. 🛐
Personal Essay

Living Water

Last July when I turned 50, I made a promise to myself. That I would try new things. Things that I thought were out of my reach. I love crafty, artsy people, yet I was not one of them. I was always sad about that.

I will be honest, I am terribly practical. I would often push off ideas, if I didn’t feel that they would serve a practical purpose.

This year was an impractical year for me. A year of flowers, of gardening, of poems, of macramé, and recently painting.

Here is what I found when I was engrossed in these things⁠—a peace, a contentment, a quietness and most importantly I felt the Lord near. Creating brought joy for this busy mind.

Maybe you are like me, terribly practical, longing for something more, hoping to be a maker of something. I pray you will allow yourself this little treat, and as you make and create, you will feel the Lord near.

I have always loved to study with women of scripture. Especially the women who met Jesus face to face. Who encountered Him in a ways I have not.

This is how I imagine the woman at the well after her encounter with Jesus. Full of life, filled with hope, overflowing with the color of Living Water. ⛲