Glory Over Everything


We wonder why it is so hard to love the world around us. Why we are the withered branch, the kite at the will of the wind, the ship adrift at sea. The answer is simple – We’ve become untethered from the vine that sustains us, the string that holds us fast, and the anchor entrenched at bottom of the sea. 🌿



Glory Over Everything

The Dance

Happy Monday!  It is crisp and clear here in Northwest PA and most of us are about to watch the glorious dance of letting go.


The air is crisp, as the dance begins

The dance of letting go,

ebbing into color,

a glorious sunset in the trees.


Glory, turns to fade,

they cling to the familiar,

a twisting, a turning, a wrangling to stay.


The winds of change will win,

bringing bittersweet release.


The wild finale



a falling to the earth


The place where death, becomes new life.



Glory Over Everything

Morning Coffee

I have been on a treasure hunt these last few months, choosing to find God’s Glory in every small thing.  It truly is a choice, to choose praise over panic, delight over dejection.  I recommend it, it does a work in the heart that is slow and good.

One delight I wake to each morning is my morning cup of coffee.  I wakes me nice and slow and is truly a gift from God.


May you never drink your morning cup the same.  🙂


Morning Coffee


The glass pot is worn, golden

it sits waits each morning,

my faithful friend


I pour the water,

scoop beans, grown from trees,

picked by human hands


I grind the beans,

until they look like dirt, rich and brown

a planting, a growing of courage for the day


I watch as the hot water pours,

taking bits of the bean with it,

soaking in their taste, their flavor


As if magic has taken place,

steaming toffee colored liquid

drops into the pot,






I stand waiting, watching,

waking to the day,

a slow waking is what I like best


At last my cuppa is ready,

I curl up in my chair,

wrapped in my fuzzy robe


Holding it close to my chest,

a steaming cup of liquid gold

I breath it in, sip it slow


Its energy warms me,

wakes me, soothes me,

this simple comfort found in a cup.



Glory Over Everything


We are living in times where we feel discouraged and out of control on so many levels. This is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves, to take moment, Selah, To Pause in His Presence. In those moments we recognize that He is our Shield, He is our Glory, He is the Lifter of Our Head.

But You, O Lord are a shield for me
My glory and the One who lifts up my head Psalm 3:3



I wake and press my feet onto the cool morning floor

What does the day hold?


Will I laugh with joy?

Will tears fall?

Will rage rise, or sorrow come?


Will I see the unjust,

unwanted and unaware?


Will I hear of suffering,

neglect, the cry of the forgotten?


Will I wade through lies,

twisted truths and propaganda?

Will sickness suddenly come?


The sun begins to rise, questions loom as fog,

I whisper a prayer.


I pause in His presence, Selah


The quiet purrs in my ears,

no words are spoken, no answer comes


A head bent low, must lift

I see the sun in all of its glory, a new day begins

Glory Over Everything


In Luke 19 some of Jesus’ disciples are following him and joyfully praising Him him at the top of their lungs. The Pharisees, the religious/political guys of the day, told Jesus to shut them up.
Jesus’ words to the Pharisees are priceless and powerful. “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
There are many people talking these days, we are sad, depressed, exasperated, discouraged, mad, political… the list can go on and on.
What I haven’t heard much of is God’s people singing out joyfully in praise. Let this little poem be our reminder.



Stones sit quiet 

Setting foundations, rising into mountains,

sparking fire, skipping on water,

pressed in riverbeds,

they bear the imprints of life.


In the setting, in the sparking,

In the skipping, in the pressing, they listen.


Listen for the silence, that is their call.

Will their voices sing in chorus, as I hold them in my hand?

His praise be ever on my lips, that I may never know.