More than a Sparrow

I have found that writing my way through scripture has been the best Bible study.

For the first time I understand what David meant when he talked about meditating on God’s Word day and night.  When I’m working on a poem, based on a set of scriptures that’s exactly what happens. I’m thinking about them when I’m walking the dog, in the shower, when I’m laying in bed at night. This churning in my mind and in my heart.

What a gift the word of God is. 襁


The Cost

Some weeks it feels like I am crawling through the book of Matthew. My goal to write poems all the way through by the end of the year. I have found that slow is good.

Allowing God’s word to marinate in my heart and mind.

I love to imagine myself in the boat with Jesus and no matter what the wind and waves may do,what damage they may cause, with a word He stills them.

He stills me.



As I slowly read through Matthew Chapter 8 I look at the hopeful faith of the Leper, the Centurion, of Peter’s mother-in-law, of the many who waited to be healed. Who waited for a touch or a word from Jesus. May He find their faith in me. 🛐