The Three Women of Christmas


Wise men and wise women still seek Him.  

May we always be seeking Him, knocking on His door, asking Him questions, reaching for Him, as He wondrously reaches for us.

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The Three Women of Christmas


The Three Women of Christmas

The Three Women of Christmas

Here we are dear friends, stepping into the Christmas Season.  A season of celebration, of joy, of reminding ourselves of our Savior’s birth story.  We must guard this season, that it does not become overrun by all the things that would love to overrun it.   Let’s slow it down and allow ourselves to glory in the miracle that it is.  What better way than to look deep into the Christmas story, that we may see something we have never seen before. 

I love that the Bible is full of stories, stories of God, stories of people.  We can look at the stories of the Bible and think, “They seems so far away.”  It is up to us to bring them close and sit with them for a while, so we remember. 

The Old and New Testaments are filled with stories of women, and we will see that women were instrumental in God’s plan of redemption.   This tells us something, the stories of women are important to God, and should be important to us. We hear their voices all through scripture, in song, in prayer, in conviction, in peace, in war, in obedience, in desperation, in faith and even in laughter. 

As we read through the story of Christ’s birth, we see it woven within the stories of three women. Anna, who would spend the better part of sixty years paving the way for the coming Messiah with her prayers.  Elizabeth, who would rejoice in her old age, as she carried a miracle baby of her own.  Her son John would become the man called John the Baptist, his mission was to prepare the way in the hearts of God’s people to receive their coming King.  Mary, who would say yes to the impossible and carry Jesus, God’s son, within her body.  She would then love him, raise him, and watch him walk out his life as the one and only Sacrificial Lamb.    

My prayer is that we will never see these three women the same again, that we will be stirred to live in faith as they did, willing to pray, willing to trust, willing to say yes to whatever it is the Lord is calling us to.  

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Glory to God in the Highest!

The Three Women of Christmas

Mary and Elizabeth

The Lord was so good to give Mary and Elizabeth one another when they both were in need of a treasured friend. The friendship of women is a powerful and precious gift.

Mary and Elizabeth had quite the visit, not one day or one week, but Mary stayed at Elizabeth’s for three months.  We can only imagine their time together.  There would have been laughing, crying, rejoicing, much eating, praying, and worshiping the Lord.    

Mary would leave for home full and filled up with the encouragement that Elizabeth had to give, and she would need it. Her road ahead would be a miraculous yet difficult one. Elizabeth was now prepared to live her dream of motherhood, now knowing God’s full plan. That’s what friends are for, to be that voice of faith and encouragement, when we can’t find it ourselves and need it desperately.  

The Three Women of Christmas


Mary, in humility, simply said, yes.

A yes that would change her life forever.

A yes that would change the course of Israel forever.

A yes that would be heard around the world and will be changing hearts and lives forever.

A yes, spoken by an ordinary woman, who was willing to serve God no matter the personal cost.