The Cost

Some weeks it feels like I am crawling through the book of Matthew. My goal to write poems all the way through by the end of the year. I have found that slow is good.

Allowing God’s word to marinate in my heart and mind.

I love to imagine myself in the boat with Jesus and no matter what the wind and waves may do,what damage they may cause, with a word He stills them.

He stills me.



As I slowly read through Matthew Chapter 8 I look at the hopeful faith of the Leper, the Centurion, of Peter’s mother-in-law, of the many who waited to be healed. Who waited for a touch or a word from Jesus. May He find their faith in me. πŸ›
Of Salt and Light

Of Salt and Light Free Ebook

I thought Mother’s Day weekend would be a a great time to celebrate women and give away some free poetry!

You can pick up, Of Salt and Light, A Celebration of Women, FREE in EBook form on Amazon starting tomorrow May 9, 2021 through Tuesday, May 11th, 2021.

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