Of Salt and Light

My Final Proof

Holding the final proof of this little chapbook in my hands today. They should be available next week!

This chapbook will make a lovely gift for a mother, sister, friend, aunt, niece or co-worker, to celebrate Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Thinking of You.

Praying that this will be a gift of encouragement from one woman to another. One that can be passed down through generations of women. 💞

Stay tuned for a Facebook live poetry reading and purchase details. 🎉

With Love,

Salt of the Earth

The Shepherdess

I spent time with Carrie on her goat farm.  I was in awe of her love and care for her goats. She truly has The Shepherd’s heart.

She invited me into the barn, where the scent of hay was so sweet  Her curious goats nibbled at my shoe strings and nosed through my pockets.

The soaps and lotions she makes from their milk is devine. 🐐🥛

You can find her products here. https://www.millermicrofarm.com/#/

Salt of the Earth

The Baker

A few months ago I heard a poet say that she always has her eyes open, she’s always looking and watching people. Sometimes she is so distracted she trips over her own two feet. 

I decided to start paying attention, and what I saw were women, who were living as the salt of the earth.  They are makers, warriors, fighters – they are weary, waiting, wondering – they are serving, shepherding and becoming. 

I decided to write about them and post a poem a week.  I hope you enjoy – and as we take a glimpse into their lives, you just might see yourself. 


4 Reasons To Come to a Women’s Bible Study

Chances are you have a Women’s Bible study happening at your local church.  Maybe you have been invited, scanned over the blurb in the church bulletin, or have seen it promoted online and you thought, “I should go to this.  Yes, I’m going!”

Within that same moment you also begin to think of the one hundred and one reasons why you can’t go.  Your lack of time being number one, followed by, ” I don’t want to go in there by myself,” to the standard, “I’m just too busy”.

We are busy, oh so busy, in a world that has more modern conveniences than ever before.  How is that possible?

My good friend always says this about being BUSY

BEING undersatan's yoke

Oh so true.  He loves to keep us BUSY, wasting our time on things that will not catapult us toward God.  He wants to keep us status quo, so he can wear us down to the point where we won’t even remember the last time we opened our Bible.  The last time we simply sat in the quietness of God’s presence, where God’s grace, mercy, hope and peace flow.

As a Women’s Ministry leader I am always coaxing women to come to Women’s Bible Study and here are my top four reasons:

4Reasons (1)

You will Increase Your Bible Knowledge

The more time you spend in something, the better you will know it.  As you devote yourself to learning more of God’s Word, that knowledge will take up a residence within you, that you carry for the rest of your life.

Your Faith Will Grow 

As you read and study God’s Word and the lives of the people within the pages of the Bible, you will see two things:  Their Lack of Faith, or Their Great Faith.  Your faith will grow by studying both.

You Will Become a Woman of Prayer

Prayer will take on a fresh meaning to you, as you pray for the needs of the women around you and they pray for you.  You will wonder how you’ve made it this far in life without it.

You Will Find Community 

You will sit around a table with women who you may have not met otherwise, and you will laugh and cry together.  They will become your friends, your confidants, your sisters, and you will find the wonderful bond of community.

As Women’s Bible studies are kicking off in churches all over this Fall, answer the call dear friend, dear sister, you will be happy that you did.

If you are in my area, I would love to have you at our Women’s Bible Study, kicking off this week at Bethel Life Worship Center, in Greenville, PA

Here are your bulletin blurbs!

Bible Study Promo

WOW Bible Study